“Logic can take you from A to Z. Imagination can take you anywhere.” Albert Einstein

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You were born very creative. You are very creative.

Here is the deal though.

The school and the workplace try very hard to suppress our creativity.

First, we are taught by memorization and drilling. Memorize these dates, these words, these formulas. Solve these 10 problems that are very similar to each other.

At work, it gets even worse.

Do as you are told and report back.

But the worst form of creativity suppression is micromanagement, lack of empowerment and corporate politics. No company does well that is built on micromanagement.

Micromanagement is not just a waste of time.

Micromanagement sucks the living light out of imagination and creativity.

Life is too short to work somewhere where your creativity is not appreciated, where your ideas are swept under the rug, and your initiative is put on a dusty shelf.

Go where your creativity is celebrated.


If you are hiring, please value and hire creativity:

— source unknown:

“Why are you leaving you current company ?”

“Because of big religious differences.”

“Really, what are they ?”

“My boss thinks he is God, and I don’t think he is.”

Creativity, just like loyalty, should be appreciated and celebrated.

Do you agree ?

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