Lawtechs in Brazil, a promising market

First, I would like, to introduce the LawtechMarket in Brazil by talking about some impressive numbers of the judiciary in Brazil. We have more than 1.200 law colleges. Here in Brazil we have more than 1 million trained lawyers, for this reason it´s necessary for a lawyer to stand out in the crowd. There are double the amount of lawyers then there are accountant or doctors, approximately 536 and 453 thousand respectively. We have more than 100 million juridical processes. It doesn´t make sense to spend 1.3% of GDP with litigation. 

Lawyers’ today shouldn´t be speaking in Latin, in excess of conservative ortraditionalism, as we are living the 4.0 industrial revolution. Today’s lawyers use the internet and cloud computing. Themes like big data, data science, cryptocurrency, block chain, smart contract, AI, ICO, deep and machine learning, hackathon, demo and pitch days and LAWTECHS are now present in our daily life. Therefore, in this scenario, what is happening with the law?

It´s not the end! It´s a new beginning. The future is awesome. We need to understand the evolution of lawyers and refuse to be stuck in the past.  A new reality is on the horizonLawyers are and always will be indispensable for the society. Lawtechs generate efficiency, with a more scientific and analytical perspective, this allows lawyers to work with more choice. These benefits permit lawyers to focus on relevant manners, like allowing them to explore cognitive ability and legal skills. 

In this environment AB2L was born. Our mission is to connect the legal universe with 4.0 revolution. AB2L meets more than 150 Lawtechs in the same environment so they can stimulate the networking nationally in Brazil and on a global scale. They are divided into 12 categories. The more dynamic are analytics and jurimetria, management of offices and legal departments, Online Dispute Resolution- ODR and monitoring and extraction of public data. We believe that innovation and hub are a blank slates which will become our most important pillars. We are moving forward to change our outlook for a more connected legal world.


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Por Associação Brasileira de Lawtechs e Legaltechs